TSA confiscated an average of 6 loaded guns per day in 2015

2015 Sets Record for Gun Seizures at TSA Checkpoints
2015 Sets Record for Gun Seizures at TSA Checkpoints

More Americans than ever this year thought it'd be cool to bring a loaded gun on a plane.

The Transportation Security Administration found 2,653 guns in carry-on bags at airport checkpoints in 2015. That's the official record for the most guns confiscated by the agency in a year, and 20 percent more than in 2014. Scarier still, 83 percent of the guns were loaded, according to an official statement on the TSA blog. That means the TSA confiscated about 2,200 loaded guns from carry-on bags in 2015, or an average of about six loaded guns found every day.

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The number of firearms confiscated by the TSA more than quadrupled in the past decade, according to the agency's own data. In 2005, the security agency nabbed only 660 firearms.


It's against the law to fly with a gun in a carry-on bag, but it's legal to bring them in a checked suitcase if they're unloaded and properly declared with the airline, according to TSA.

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People bring all sorts of weird dangerous things on planes. The TSA periodically posts pictures of weapons and other ridiculous prohibited things they confiscate from passengers, including "batarangs" (the throwing knives Batman uses), comb knives and feather adorned ornate tomahawks.

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