Tower City food fight: Watch what happens when an angry customer asks for a refund

Fight Ensues After Angry Customer Asks For Refund At Chinese Restaur

CLEVELAND -- Call it a case of refund rage. Video of a confrontation between a customer and Chinese restaurant employees in Tower City has gone viral.

The fight over a $2 cup of wonton soup got out of hand around 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Master Wok carry-out restaurant in the Tower City food court.

Eric Serrano, of Cleveland, said he often stopped at the restaurant on his way to work at the Q, but on Wednesday he noticed something strange in the soup and demanded a refund.

"Just give me my money back so I can go back to work," he said in the video.

Yelling and profanities quickly turned physical. After Serrano got his $2 back the situation escalated further, with an employee throwing a pot of soup at his head. Serrano then shoved a stack of plastic cups.

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Chinese food fight in Ohio
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Tower City food fight: Watch what happens when an angry customer asks for a refund
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The cell phone video recorded by bystander Rafeal Gullatte shows manager Hing Lam and his wife, the employee at the cash register, hopping the counter and chasing Serrano down a hallway toward the Tower City Cinemas entrance, pot in hand. Lam is shown hitting Serrano before Serrano got away.

"My wife tried to protect herself," Lam said. "My wife can't speak very English. She's very angry. He said a bad thing, ya know she try to stop."

Friday, both sides told Fox 8 News that the situation should've been handled differently.
"The situation could've been handled a lot differently, but I feel like they were the ones that were the aggressor, they took it to that level versus me just wanting my two dollars to go back to work," Serrano said, adding it was more about the principle of the matter than the dollar amount.

"It just went from something so small where they easily could've returned my money to something so big."

Lam told Fox 8 News security arrived after Serrano left. He said he will wait for them before reacting next time. Serrano said he will no longer be eating at Master Wok.

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