The honest reality of being married and in debt

Life is expensive, especially when you have a family -- ensuring that you have enough finances to nourish yourself, your spouse and your children is hard enough, so affording extras like cars and vacations can really send family bills skyrocketing. Before you know it, you might have lost control and find yourself in some serious debt.

Several spouses in debt took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to open up about their harrowing financial difficulties.

Debt is one problem -- dishonesty is another:

Realizing that your job is in jeopardy can make your debt feel much more serious:
My husband and I might be laid off and we are almost $100,000 in debt plus I

When debt is due to unnecessary spending, it can become much more frustrating:
We are over 50 grand in debt because my husband has no self control and now he

Debt can make you realize something about your spouse that you never knew before:
My wife keeps telling me everything is fine.. We are thousands of dollars in debt.. I shouldn

Spending addictions are harrowing issues in themselves:
I hate that I love to shop. We

Monetary obligations might taint personal relationships:
I know my husband resents me for having to help me pay back my student loans.

Life always costs money, so taking yourself out of debt is often an uphill battle:
I constantly look at housing designs so that my husband and I can have hope, even though we are deep in debt...

Several spouses feel like they fall into debt because of their partner:
 I know divorce is very expensive, but I honestly believe that leaving my wife is the only way I can get out of debt.

Credit cards can be blessings and curses:
I never knew why my husband was stressed about money, until I found out we all owe. Credit cards allowed us to keep a roof over our heads when he lost his job, but now its killing our dreams.

Love and disappointment aren't mutually exclusive:
I used to have good credit and paid my bills on time. Then I met my husband and now we

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