Study: Smarter people are 'more sophisticated racists'

Study: Smarter People Are 'More Sophisticated Racists'
Study: Smarter People Are 'More Sophisticated Racists'

"Are Smart People Less Racist?" This is the lead title of a recently published study which set out to determine if a higher intelligence does, indeed, correlate with a belief in greater racial equality.

For the research, the University of Toronto's Geoffrey T. Wodtke analyzed data from the General Social Survey which periodically measures Americans' attitudes towards various issues.

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He isolated the results from nearly 45,000 Caucasians who responded between 1972 and 2010 and had taken a verbal-intelligence vocabulary test.

What he found was that those who were considered smarter expressed fewer racist beliefs like having a negative view of black people or interracial marriage.

However, Wodtke writes, "Despite these liberalizing effects, high-ability whites are no more likely to support a variety of remedial policies for racial inequality."

For example, despite that group's theoretical opposition to neighborhood segregation, half would not vote for measures to prevent housing-related discrimination.

FAST Company notes, "...while 95% of the 'smarter' group say that black and white children should attend the same schools, only 22% support school busing programs."

Based on his findings, Wodtke concluded that smarter people "are simply more sophisticated racists."

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