Our brains can store ten times more memory than previously believed

Study: Our Brains Can Store Ten Times More Memory Than Previously Believed

The memory capacity of the human brain is likely ten times greater than previous estimates suggested, according to researchers at the Salk Institute.

This conclusion centers around new findings about the synapses which are important junctions where neural branches interact. While using advanced technology to analyze them on a nanomolecular level, it was determined that around 26 size categories can exist, not just a few as previously believed.

Terry Sejnowski, co-author of the paper, said, "This is a real bombshell in the field of neuroscience...Our new measurements of the brain's memory capacity increase conservative estimates by a factor of 10 to at least a petabyte, in the same ballpark as the World Wide Web."

And, such massive capacity is possible even though the brain operates using extremely low levels of energy.

A summary notes, "The waking adult brain generates only about 20 watts of continuous power—as much as a very dim light bulb."

It's hoped the findings will help in the development of computers with increased computational power that require less energy.

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