Carolina Panthers players try to intimidate by belting polite Creed lyrics

"Creedbombing" Is the Carolina Panthers' New Intimidation Technique
"Creedbombing" Is the Carolina Panthers' New Intimidation Technique

The Carolina Panthers have banded together to become one of the best teams in the NFL this season. How they've united on the field -- despite less-than-stellar talent -- all season long has been inspiring.

But as it turns out, they stick together off the field by deploying some incredibly strange inside jokes.

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"Creedbombing," as it's being referred to, is the spontaneous berating of someone near you with Creed or Nickelback lyrics -- particularly some heartwarming and polite ones -- while making stone-cold eye contact. The ideal result is completely freaking out your subject.

The Panthers have embraced Creedbombing culture around each other, but not yet with other teams -- there's always the chance of getting flagged for an unsportsmanlike penalty.

From the Charlotte Observer:

"Hold me now! I'm 6 feet from the edge and I'm thinking," Jacobs sang Wednesday as he walked onto the practice field, a lyric from Creed's song "One Last Breath."

"The key is you've got to make really deep, direct eye contact," Jacobs said. "So if you Creedbomb someone you've got to look them directly in the eye."

Last week he sang "With Arms Wide Open," and he has "Higher" as another of his favorites.

We expect many more Creedbombs on the team's Snapchat in the near future if Carolina heads to Super Bowl 50.

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