Anxious shoppers empty shelves ahead of major snowstorm

Northeast Prepares for Monster Storm
Northeast Prepares for Monster Storm

Anxious shoppers across the East Coast are freaking out about a brewing storm that's expected to drop tons of snow this weekend from Knoxville to Boston. They're emptying shelves of critical basics like bread and milk in anticipation of the looming snowpocalypse.

Granted, the forecast could change, leaving people with a lifetime supply of Wonder Bread for nothing. But as of early Thursday, Winter Storm Jonas was expected to dump heavy snow across more than 14 states, with up to two feet of snow falling on D.C. and Virginia.

See how residents are preparing for the storm along the coast:

The storm could also bring in powerful winds, ice and coastal flooding, says The Weather Channel.

With the storm expected to last from Friday to Sunday, people are taking every precaution to make sure they have enough eggs and a sturdy supply of organic chicken thighs. Images that Vocativ collected showed that shelves are depressingly bare, even at big chains like Trader Joes, Walmart and Kroger.

Instagram users noted that the lack of basic food items in stores by Wednesday afternoon made it seem like people are preparing to make milk sandwiches.

Others are taking storm preparations in stride, and stocking up on what's really important.

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