Your body odor could mean you're sick

Your BO Could Mean You're Sick

The odor you give off could be a bigger indicator of your health than you'd think.

In fact, research says if you are sick, you're probably stinking pretty bad.

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Just like fingerprints, your scent is individual to your body. Your "odor print" is made up of unique stenches depending on your age, diet, sex, metabolism and health. So, when you're feeling sickly, the aroma will be icky.

Scientists claim diabetes smells like rotten apples, glandular disease smells like stale beer and typhoid fever smells like baked bread.

To figure this all out, doctors tested samples from the the armpits of T-shirts by giving them to a panel of judges with specially trained noses.

Experts are also looking into other sources of bodily odors such as urine and breath, saying these both can often indicate disease.

So maybe instead of handing your friend with horrible breath a stick of gum, give them your doctor's card instead.

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