You can actually be allergic to the cold

You Can Actually Be Allergic to the Cold

Want the ultimate excuse to skip work on Monday? Tell your boss your having an allergic reaction to the cold.

If they don't believe you, we've got the facts to back up your case.

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The winter always increases the chances of colds and flu -- and when that happens, other conditions like asthma and arthritis can worsen. Some people get a slew of other symptoms as well, though -- like rashes, headaches, sneezing and watery eyes.

Even though those sound a lot like flu-like symptoms, for some it could mean much more.

Doctors say a rare portion of the population is actually allergic to the cold. Those people suffer from extreme rashes and blisters when the wind hits their skin. Because its so rare, many people may not even realize they have this allergy.

The cause is unknown, but it happens more frequently in young adults.

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