Uber will pay extra to scoop up thousands of laid-off Walmart workers (WMT)

Walmart Plans to Close 269 Stores Worldwide

Last week, Walmart announced it would be closing 269 of its stores and laying off thousands of employees.

While the company has said it will try to place laid-off employees at other Walmart stores, there will inevitably still be lots of people let go.

Now it looks like Uber is making a pitch right to those thousands of laid-off and soon-to-be laid-off Walmart employees.

In a post on Uber's website, entitled "Dear Walmart associates impacted by the recent store closures," Uber pitches the merits of driving for the company directly to those laid off at Walmart.

"Changes at work are always hard, especially when they impact your schedule or the ability to support your family," the post says. "So we wanted to let everyone affected by last week's store closures at Walmart know about the opportunity to make money driving with Uber."

Besides just offering soon-to-be-former Walmart employees a job driving for the company, Uber is tossing in a $250 sign-on bonus, provided that drivers complete 50 trips within 30 days of their accounts being activated.

Walmart's closings include 154 US locations. The company is closing down these stores to shift resources to its Supercenters and smaller-format Neighborhood Market stores. All the stores will close by the end of the month.

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Uber will pay extra to scoop up thousands of laid-off Walmart workers (WMT)

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2) Pittsburgh: $14.84 per ride

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5) Miami: $14.38 per ride


6) Salt Lake City: $13.86 per ride

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7) Austin: $13.67 per ride

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8) Seattle: $13.17 per ride

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9) Cleveland: $13.02 per ride

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10) Atlanta: $12.93 per ride

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11) Boston: $12.80 per ride

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12) San Diego: $12.60 per ride

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13) Baltimore: $12.21 per ride

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14) Washington: $12.17 per ride

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15) Denver: $11.70 per ride

(Chris Rogers)


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