Study finds toxic chemicals in nail polish can seep into your body

A Potentially Toxic Chemical in Nail Polish Can Seep Into Your Body

A study from October is getting a lot of headlines and making some people question their nail polish.

The joint study from Duke University and Environmental Working Group says a chemical used in many nail polishes known as TPHP can leak through the skin and into the wearer's bloodstream.

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TPHP is often found in plastics and flame retardants, and nail polish-makers add the chemical to boost durability and flexibilty.

The study's 26 participants showed a 700 percent increase, on average, in the metabolized form of TPHP. This spike came 10 hours after painting their nails.

Not much is known about the chemical's effects on humans, though. A study using animals did link TPHP to reproductive and developmental issues, but it's still too soon to say if that applies to people.

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