Stay at home moms confess their true thoughts and feelings

Most people dream of being home instead of being at the office. Just because you don't work a 9-5 office job, though, doesn't mean that you're not working hard -- especially if your requirements are to stay home and raise children. Being a stay at home parent can be just as, if not more, grueling, unforgiving, rewarding, and demanding a job as any other corporate career.

Several stay at home moms took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to open up about what their job is really like.

Just because a stay at home mom is at the house doesn't mean she's relaxed:
As a stay at home mom, my work day does not end. My weekends are not free. I get no days off, no vacation time, no lunch breaks. I don

When your home is also your place of work, it might feel like there's nowhere quiet or peaceful:
Being a stay-at-home mom is A LOT harder than people think. Some days I just want to lock myself in a closet.

Motherhood is a very hands-on profession:
As a stay at home mom, I just want 30 minutes a day with no one touching me.

When parenting turns from your personal life into your job, it becomes its own entity:

Sometimes, seclusion feels ideal:

Spending all your time with a baby or a small child can make you feel deprived of adult experiences:
I am a stay at home mom.. when I go out with my friends and someone flirts with me, I feel human again.

No matter how vital the work you're doing is, bringing home no money might make you feel inadequate:

Only those who have experienced one-on-one child care really understand how difficult it is:
I dont know why people think being a stay at home mom is degrading, I think it is the hardest job ever!

Sometimes, it's simply the right move to focus on your child rather than your career:
I went from a strong career to being a stay at home mom/wife. Everyone doubted me but I love my new life!

Although motherhood requires work, that doesn't make it a job:

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You can go to Harvard and still work from home:
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