Woman details disturbing sexual assault accusation involving Patrick Kane

Patrick Kane Won't Face Charges Over Rape Allegation
Patrick Kane Won't Face Charges Over Rape Allegation


Patrick Kane wasn't charged with any crime in 2015 after facing sexual assault allegations in his hometown of Buffalo, but new accusations have surfaced online regarding the Chicago Blackhawks star.

Screenshots of (seemingly since-deleted) Jan. 18 messages posted to LiveJournal surfaced on Twitter in the form of Imgur posts on Thursday. WARNING: The message is extremely graphic and could make some readers uncomfortable.

Twitter users have cited flight information from what's believed to be the Blackhawks' team plane, showing that the flight departed Los Angeles shortly after the game. Reddit users have also cited flight information, as well as NHL collective bargaining agreement information, in more detail.


The woman alleges Kane of sexually assaulting her in the bathroom of a Los Angeles bar in 2014 -- after the Blackhawks finished their game against the Los Angeles Kings on Nov. 29.

Patrick Kane leans over, really close in my face, and he's just smiling at me, and he asks me, hey do you want to come back to my room? Just you, not your friend.

And I laughed and said, thank you, but I'm going to just go home, I have work in the morning, and it's a Sunday.

He leans closer, and then he grabs my shoulder, and he starts massaging it. His whole hand covers my shoulder, and his thumb is pressing into the muscle, and he has really strong hands.

Are you sure? he asks me, it'll be fun.

I laugh again, and I say yes, sorry, I just want to go hone, but thank you.

And he smiles and he's still grabbing me, he's pressing righter and righter, and he says, well, I wasted those drinks for nothing.

She continues to write about how Kane then assaulted her in the women's bathroom 30 minutes later.

Accusations against Kane resulted in no charges last year, with the infamously bizarre faux rape kit drama perhaps derailing the accuser's claims.

The NHL, the Blackhawks nor Kane have responded to these latest claims. Kane leads the NHL in goals, assists and points this season. AOL Sports has not been able to independently verify the accusations.

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