OnlyOnAOL: Melissa Rivers hates dating as much as you do

Clinton Kelly on "Love At First Swipe"
Clinton Kelly on "Love At First Swipe"


Singletons, listen up. Melissa Rivers, who has been dating talent agent Mark Rousso for more than a year, feels your woes. She remembers all too well the traumas and travails of bad romantic outings. It's why she attended the Let's Kibitz comedy showcase hosted by JDate.

"I haven't had to go on a date in a year in a half. Dating is tough. The online dating world, you already have found some common ground," she says.

(For those in need of tips -- and really, who isn't? -- our guru Clinton Kelly shares his advice in the video above).

Back in Rivers' solo days, "I used humor as a cover and to break the ice and do everything. That's my whole family."

And her mother Joan, who passed away in September 2014 from botched surgery, always had the same advice for her daughter: "Just put on some lipstick and get out the door."

So why attend an event about online dating when she's happily involved? "It's a fun invite. I've had friends who'd have had tremendous success so here I am. It's worked for a lot of my friends," says Rivers.