New study alleges that marijuana may not make people stupid after all

Don't Blame the Marijuana for Low IQ Scores
Don't Blame the Marijuana for Low IQ Scores

You've probably been told that smoking marijuana makes you stupid, but according to scientists this myth is not true.

A new study on multiple pairs of twins -- one pot smoker and one non-smoker -- discovered that marijuana is not linked to a decline in IQ.

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The new research combats the findings of a a 2012 Duke University study, which reported that heavy marijuana use through teenage years and young adulthood attributed to declines in IQ.

A follow-up study found that the 2012 research did not account for factors such as mental illness, cigarette use, and socioeconomic status.

In order not to have the same problem, researchers at UCLA and the University of Minnesota studied 789 sets of twins.

While studying the lives of the twins, scientists found that both experienced a similar IQ decline through the years, according to Science.

Statistician and author of the new study Nicholas Jackson does warn that just because marijuana use is not linked to lowering of IQ, "does not mean that heavy use in adolescence is problem-free."

"We desperately need more research on the effects that marijuana has on the brain," says Jackson.

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