Man actually naps with bears

Man Naps with Bears, Hasn't Been Eaten Yet

It's winter, and bears will hibernate -- and one human seems to like that idea, too.

Jim Kowalczik divided the Internet when videos of him playing with his rescued bears went viral. About half thought he was cute, and the other half thought he was crazy.

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Apparently, at the Orphaned Wildlife Center, their motto is work hard, play hard -- because after a day of fun, they were all just so tired and crashed for a cross between a cat nap and a bear hug.

Jim and four bears have been friends for more than 10 years. He rescued them from a breeding program and brought them to the wildlife center he and his wife run in upstate New York for animals who can't return to the wild.

When life with Jim is this comfy and fun, it sure beats having to hunt for your dinner -- right?

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