K.J. McDaniels fouls Andre Drummond five times in nine seconds (Video)

Andre Drummond Sets NBA Record for Missed Free Throws
Andre Drummond Sets NBA Record for Missed Free Throws

The "hacking" strategy in basketball has gone too far. Everyone knows that big men who can't shoot free throws will be intentionally fouled often during a game to slow down the game for a team offensively, but it's also brutal to watch and the strategy rarely works out.

It went to a whole new level on Wednesday night, when Houston Rockets guard K.J. McDaniels kept intentionally fouling Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond. Not only did McDaniels repeatedly intentionally foul him, but he also did it five times in an incredible nine seconds.

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It was so blatant and terrible, Drummond could do nothing but stand there and take the cheap fouls.


There's no doubt that this will continue to keep the discussion of removing the rule from the game for hacking, but it also doesn't help that guys can't work on improving their free throw shooting so it doesn't keep continually happening.

It's not a good look for the game and it creates for terrible basketball. It was already a ludicrous thing that was part of the sport, but McDaniels' nine seconds of five fouls took it to a whole new level.