Disabled puppy heals in a baby bouncer -- and it's cuteness overload

Disabled Puppy Heals in Baby Bouncer. Cuteness Overload.

A 2-month-old disabled puppy was sadly dumped by a breeder at an animal shelter. He can't walk on his own because of a condition affecting his limbs -- but with extensive therapy, rescue workers hope to have him back on his feet with a little help from a baby bouncer!

Bueller is now in good hands at the Sacramento SPCA. The breeder who surrendered him never took Bueller to the vet. He has a condition called "swimmer's syndrome," which is a "birth deformity where the limbs are splayed out."

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Because of this, Bueller can't stand or walk normally. However, staffers quickly realized he can swim.

They started water therapy with him to help him learn to move his legs and regain muscle tone. He does this for about 10 minutes a day, and for extra encouragement, the staff posted a funny gif from "Finding Nemo" that says, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming."

His foster parent then discovered he can bounce. The baby bouncer helps him walk, but he hates it and barks while strapped up. Splints also help bring his legs to a normal position.

The staff hopes the combination of therapy treatments will have him walking one day.

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