Civil lawsuit alleges Chipotle tried to cover up Simi Valley Norovirus outbreak

Civil Lawsuit Alleges Chipotle Tried To Cover Up Simi Valley Norovirus Outbreak

Over the past year, Chipotle has been connected to a number of illness outbreaks across the U.S., and it appears its troubles are far from over.

On Tuesday, a civil suit against the food chain was filed in connection to the norovirus incident at a Simi Valley, California outpost last summer.

The plaintiffs allege the company attempted to cover up the outbreak for fear of sending their stock prices plummeting.

According to the filing, a sick kitchen manager reported to work on August 18th and handled food for 2 days prior to seeing a doctor.

That individual was diagnosed with norovirus. Chipotle had also received complaints from customers who were experiencing gastorintestinal symptoms.

Though the restaurant shut down for a day, it stated inadequate staffing as the reason.

The company is further accused of taking time to throw out food and bleach cooking equipment and surfaces prior to notifying the proper authorities about the norovirus situation.

Over 230 people reported becoming sick after eating at the Simi Valley location.
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