Britney Spears shows off her painting skills in enchanting Instagram video

You've Gotta See Britney Spears' Abtastic Selfie
You've Gotta See Britney Spears' Abtastic Selfie


Britney Spears continued to be the best celebrity on Instagram on Wednesday when she shared a captivating video of herself painting a mosaic of colorful leaves.

It's no secret that the pop star and part-time Las Vegas resident loves to paint: Last summer, Spears revealed that one of her favorite hobbies is painting in her "art room." Not only that, but she also likes to hit the canvas in the nude ... while listening to Mariah Carey.

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Though the singer is wearing clothing (and listening to French music) in the video she shared yesterday, the artsy fartsy mother of two was clearly "in the zone" while wearing a midriff-baring white top, gray sweatpants and sneakers. Things get serious in Britney's art room, y'all!

Along with the clip, Spears shared some of her infamous online wisdom, writing that "even the greatest creations start from small seeds."

Spears has been on a roll with her Instagram game as of late, clearly having a ton of fun taking to the social media platform to share her day-to-day thoughts and activities. Most recently, she's been teasing the overhaul that she's planning for her Las Vegas show, Piece of Me, as well as some head-turning photos of corn:

Keep on doing you, Brit Brit!

See photos of Britney Spears' evolution over the years:

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