Breathe your way into a calm and centered day

Breathe Your Way Into a Calm and Centered Day
Breathe Your Way Into a Calm and Centered Day

Do you often feel stressed, anxious or overworked throughout the day? The truth is, many of us typically do, and it often seems like there's no way to minimize it. But here's the thing -- there's actually something very quick and easy you can do first thing in the morning to help ease your mind and calm your heart - MEDITATION.

It may sound taboo to some, but a few minutes meditating in the morning can actually keep you extremely mindful and centered all day long. Before you knock it, why not give it a try? What do you have to lose after all? Here's what to do:

Dhyana (Practice Enlightenment Meditation)
Dhyana (Practice Enlightenment Meditation)

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  • Locate a quiet and calm place to lie down

  • Lie on a flat surface and close your eyes

  • Place your right hand on your heart and left hand on your stomach

  • Breathe in through your nose and focus on feeling your left hand lift

  • As your breathe in think about the number one

  • Breathe out through your nose and think of a word

  • Breathe in again, this time thinking of the number two

  • Exhale through your nose and think of your chosen word

  • Continue this through number 10

This will help re-focus your mind and bring inner peace. Happy meditating!

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