Arnold Schwarzenegger visits Scotland, cycles wrong way down busy road

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Reprising His Most Famous Role, the Terminator
Arnold Schwarzenegger on Reprising His Most Famous Role, the Terminator

LONDON — Watch out, Scotland — Arnie's in town with his bike and he's got absolutely zero tolerance for Britain's backwards traffic rules.

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Schwarzenegger was in Edinburgh on Thursday morning for a sightseeing tour. He was spotted out and about snapping selfies and cheerfully documenting his trip for Snapchat, but things didn't go entirely smoothly.

Yep — perhaps temporarily forgetting he wasn't filming a Terminator scene (or just forgetting he was in Scotland and not the U.S.), the hulking Austrian casually pulled out onto the wrong side of a busy junction to see if he could take on the rush hour traffic.

"He came out of his hotel and went for a bike ride," an onlooker told ITV. "He was driving on the wrong side of the road. It was dangerous.

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"There were two lanes of traffic coming towards him. He was risking his life. Also, he wasn't wearing a helmet.

"He was very cheery and very happy and looked like he was enjoying himself. He then stopped in the middle of a junction and took selfies with his pals. It was irresponsible."

To be fair, the passengers on that bus were almost certainly more scared than Arnie. They just need to count themselves lucky he didn't decide to cycle straight through them, they wouldn't have stood a chance.