Anna Faris reveals how her parents kept her a virgin

Allison Janney Shares Anna Faris's Hilarious Pre-Show Ritual For 'Mom'
Allison Janney Shares Anna Faris's Hilarious Pre-Show Ritual For 'Mom'


Anna Faris may be known for her raunchy roles in "Scary Movie" and "House Bunny," as well as her new, foul-mouthed podcast, "Unqualified," but she wasn't always that way.

The "Mom" star, whose parents are banned from listening to her "filthy" podcast, says her parents implemented a unique, inventive tactic to keep her chaste.

"I think that the reason I had to wear headgear for a really long time was because they were trying to keep me a virgin ... Totally worked," she dished to AOL in an exclusive interview.

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The comedic actress definitely had the last laugh, though. While she "broke them in pretty quickly" after the first "Scary Movie" flick, she says she still has them "cringing" from time to time. But now that she's a mother herself, to 3-year-old Jack, she admits she doesn't have the same strict streak that her parents did.

"I'm a softie," she said. "I want him to just enjoy whatever he wants. I just want him to enjoy life and enjoy the great pleasures in life."

Click through for photos of Faris and husband Chris Pratt:

In fact, some may be surprised to learn that her husband, "Parks & Recreation" star Chris Pratt, who's known for his lovable, teddy bear-like roles, is the one who lays down the law at home.

"Chris really wants, like, a very polite, well-behaved child -- and he is. He's such a good kid. Maybe if we had a girl it'd be different," she said.

She may actually get to test out her husband's firm stance on parenting -- the actress hasn't ruled out growing their family of three to four, or more, saying she'd "ideally" love to have more kids, even though she says she spends half her time running around and chasing after her 3-year-old.

One saving grace as a working mother is her latest project, critically-acclaimed CBS sitcom, "Mom," in which she stars opposite Allison Janney, who plays her on-screen mother. In addition to working with the iconic actress and exploring a new character, Faris, who has mostly done films, revealed her son was also a big factor in taking on the new medium.

"I had a child, so I really wanted something in town. I also grew up doing theater, so I was really excited to explore the multi-cam format, even though its terrifying -- but the hours are great," she said.

A rambunctious kid isn't the only thing Faris grapples with at home. The star also revealed the one thing about her husband that drives her nuts: While fans are totally digging Pratt's hot new bod, his wife wasn't a fan of the strict health regimen that he had to abide to.

"It makes me a little crazy whenever my husband gets on a diet because I really like to cook with a lot of butter," she said. "I like to cook really indulgent things."

Her love of food is what brought her to a unique partnership with Lay's, which just launched an an awesome new campaign pitting four classic flavors against four exciting new ones. Lay's "Flavor Swap" asks Americans to choose its newest flavor line-up by voting online -- and one lucky participant will be awarded $250,000.

"I haven't done a lot of endorsement stuff throughout my career, and this just felt like a great fit for me. I love potato chips! This is something that I can truthfully have a lot of fun with and be passionate about," Faris said.

The one catch? Classic flavors, like the Honey Barbecue and Cheddar Sour Cream, may be eliminated.

"I don't know how they're going to eliminate. That part makes me sad," she said.

The actress wasn't allowed to divulge her favorite flavor, but she did reveal her favorite match-up: The cheese category, which pits classic Cheddar Sour Cream against a new, Smoked Gouda and Chive flavor.

Her least favorite? The spicy category. See how low her spice tolerance really is:

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