US, allies focus on ISIS in Iraq with 14 strikes: Statement

Coalition Forces Strike IS Targets in Mosul
Coalition Forces Strike IS Targets in Mosul

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- The United States and its allies conducted 14 strikes against Islamic State in Iraq on Tuesday, focused in Ramadi where a half dozen strikes hit multiple targets, the coalition leading the operations said in a statement released on Wednesday.

The six strikes in Ramadi hit two of the militant group's petroleum oil and lubricant trucks as well as an Islamic State building, two improvised explosive devices, three fighting positions and destroyed a mortar system, according to the statement.

Other strikes near five other cities - Habbaniya, Haditha, Kiskik, Mosul and Sinjar - also hit several tactical units and destroyed a building, 19 fighting positions, vehicles and other targets, the Combined Joint Task Force said.

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