Stephen Colbert thanks Eagles' Glenn Frey for helping him become a man

Eagles Co-Founder Glenn Frey Dies at Age 67
Eagles Co-Founder Glenn Frey Dies at Age 67

Following the passing of Eagles' Glenn Frey on Jan. 18, Stephen Colbert paid homage to the rock legend Tuesday (Jan. 19) night on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert by remembering Frey's impact on his own personal history.

No, they weren't close pals, but Frey did set Colbert on the path to "manhood" by the late night host's reckoning.

Glenn Frey Was Eagles' 'Backbone': Ben Fong-Torres Pays Homage

"I want to take a moment to thank Glenn Frey for what he gave me," Colbert said. "What he gave me was the song 'Desperado.' The first slow dance I ever danced to was 'Desperado.' It was the 8th grade dance...;."

Colbert goes on to describe a scenario familiar to nearly anyone -- a grade school dance where the girls and boys are on opposite ends of the gym until a plucky pubescent boy (Colbert) goes up and invites a girl to dance at the absolute last moment. She says yes, and the moment is forever captured in their hearts with the addition of a perform song: In this case, the Eagles' "Desperado."

Watch Colbert reminisce below.

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