Shocking photos show how bad the water in Flint really is

The Flint Water Crisis: Explained
The Flint Water Crisis: Explained

At the height of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, residents are using social media to bring attention to the issue that has been plaguing their community for months.

The crisis is linked to Flint's approach to saving money on its water supply. Below are images of the water in Flint that authorities claimed was safe for residents to drink.

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Under the oversight of a city manager appointed by Michigan's governor Rick Snyder, the city started receiving it's tap water from the Flint River in April 2014. After the change, the city's residents began complaining about the color and taste of the water.

Tests of the water showed it lacked proper treatment, leading to pipes corroding allowing lead to leak into the water. Children in Flint have have shown elevated lead levels in their blood, which could lead to permanent brain damage.

President Obama recently declared a state of emergency in the city and ordered the Federal Emergency Management Agency to join the effort to help the community.

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