How to lose weight while you sleep

Lose Weight While You Sleep

We're always looking for cheap, easy ways to lose some weight. What if we told you that you can do it in your sleep?!

Reader's Digest put together some ways you can literally shed pounds while you snooze.

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First up, have some protein before bed.

No, you can't have a big ol' steak. Instead grab a protein shake. Researchers at Florida State found that dudes who had a shake with 30 grams of protein before hitting the hay burned more calories while resting.

Next, make sure you sleep in total darkness.

Keeping out that light can help your body produce melatonin which not only makes you want to go night, night but a study in the "Journal of Pineal Research" says it can help in the production of calorie-burning brown fat.

And make sure you keep it cool. Turning down the thermostat helps you burn some calories while you snooze.

Also, make sure to give yourself a bed time! We know it's tough because you have stuff to do and Netflix to watch, but it' super important!

The Mayo Clinic found that people who slept 7-8 hours a night burned more calories throughout the day. Getting sleep and losing weight? That's like a dream come true!

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How to lose weight while you sleep

1. Steer clear of coffee
First, if you're stressed, your body will react. Stress produces cortisol which hurts your body's ability to digest food, and if your fix to stress is coffee, we've got some bad news. Coffee can produce cortisol too, which means DOUBLE the hormone, and therefore, double the amount of body fat your body will store. Instead of coffee, try Detox teas.

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2. Sit down to eat
Don't eat all your meals on the go. Although it's great for time management, it's not great for your digestive system. So take a second to sit down and eat. This will help you digest your food.

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3. Drink lots of water
You have to hydrate! And this doesn't mean two glasses of water a day. Without water, your body will slow it's digestion down, and in turn store more fat around your belly. So make sure you're drinking around eight glasses of water each day.

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4. Eat nuts in moderation
There is a proper way to eat nuts, because they're so high in fat -- and that's in moderation. Also, if you soak them in warm water overnight it will help to neutralize the phytic acid, which can cause irritation to your digestive tract.

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5. Choose the right fat
And speaking of fat, some fats are your friend! Foods that are high in omega-3's help boost your metabolism and give you energy. They keep you fuller for longer, so you won't be reaching for those naughty snacks when that 4 p.m. slump hits.

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