Consider changing your password if it made this list of worst passwords

Consider Changing Your Password If It Made This List of Worst Passwords

Coming up with loads of passwords -- and remembering them -- can be a daunting task.

SplashData combed through 2 million of them leaked throughout 2015 to find out which were the year's 25 absolute worst.

Holding on to the top title for the most commonly used password was '123456.'

Following, with an equally strong record of high placement, is the password 'password.'

Number sequences dominated spots 6 through 10 as well, with '123456789,' '1234,' and '1234567' coming in at 6th, 8th, and 9th, respectively.

'Football' and 'baseball' ranked 7th and 10th.

A little more creativity in the 11th to 20th tier, but not much.

Those were, in order, 'welcome,' '1234567890,' 'abc123,' '111111,' '1qaz2wsx,' 'dragon,' 'master,' 'monkey,' 'letmein,' and 'login.'

The tail end of the top 25 were, 'princess,' 'qwertyuiop,' 'solo,' 'passw0rd' with a zero instead of an o, and 'starwars.'

It is strongly suggested anyone using the aforementioned passwords change them immediately.

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