These fans really understand the power of Adele

Adele is a 10-time Grammy-winning superstar that has totally taken over hearts and headphones throughout today's international popular culture. The powerhouse London native is much more than a pop star, though -- she has touched some of her fans so greatly with her music that they turn to her in their times of need, struggle and, of course, jam sessions.

Several Adele-iholics took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to open up about how the British icon affects them.

No matter where she is, Adele's music touches her fans like friendship:
Thank you to Adele for being there for me when I need you the most. It means so much to me.

There is no one demographic that appreciates Adele - she's timeless:
Adele draws in a community of people from all walks of life. That

Adele > therapy:
Adele is the reason I am getting over my ex. No therapist has been able to help me... Only her.

Whether she's singing or just standing there being beautiful, she's pretty epic to watch:
Adele is the most beautiful person. Every time she performs or wins an award I cry. She deserves the world and beyond!

A girl can dream:

Adele is proof that there's no one brand of beauty:
I love how Adele is not stick skinny and is still able to dominate the charts. Size doesn

Part of why her fans are so dedicated is because Adele really means what she sings:
I love Adele... Her voice is just so soulful. You can hear and feel her words.

Rolling in the deep (feelings of love for Adele):
Adele is the reason that I live, and if you have a problem with that get out of my life.

Trying to avoid loving Adele doesn't always work:

But her looks don't hurt!
I love Adele because she didnt get famous for her body or her looks , it was just her wonderful voice that mattered

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