There will be no returning champion on Tuesday's 'Jeopardy,' thanks to this final stumper

Jeopardy Has No Winner After All 3 Contestants Get Stumped
Jeopardy Has No Winner After All 3 Contestants Get Stumped

In a rare turn of events, not one contestant on Tuesday night's Jeopardy! will be a returning champion, thanks to a question that cost all three contestants their money on Monday night.

The Final Jeopardy clue: "A 1957 event led to the creation of a national historic site in this city, signed by a president whose library is now there too."

The answer? Little Rock, Arkansas.


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Unfortunately, not a single contestant could guess the correct answer, despite betting high on their chances of winning Final Jeopardy. By the end of the show, each player was left with $0.00. According to the New York Daily News, an episode of Jeopardy! hasn't ended with no returning champions since February, 2013.

"And what that means, ladies and gentlemen, is that tomorrow we will have no returning champion," host Alex Trebek said as he closed out Monday's episode. "We will introduce three new players to Jeopardy! So, sorry, folks. See you tomorrow."

Tough luck, team.

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