Take a look inside the breathtaking hotel that sits at the edge of the Earth

Photography by Alex Fradkin


In an age where technology seems to override the natural simplicity of everyday life, vacations that let you really escape from it all are few and far between. But one contemporary hotel, set on a backdrop of a local Canadian fishing village, is redefining what it means to get away.

Fogo Island is as remote as they come. Eager travelers should advised that it will take a bit of effort to get there -- it is one of the four corners of the Earth after all (according to the Flat Earth Society). But as the saying goes, nothing worthwhile comes easy. Situated far from most major US cities, tourists embark on at least two flights, a 60-mile drive, a 45-minute ferry, and another 20-minute drive to reach the island. Fogo even has its own time zone.

But for any traveler staying at the Fogo Island Inn, they know that this long trek is very much worth the journey.

This architectural dream of a hotel has managed to marry contemporary aesthetics with long-rooted traditions. As architect Todd Saunders simply puts it, the creation of the hotel was to "find new ways with old things."

Saunders painstakingly worked for 8 years alongside local artisans and makers to integrate the contemporary hotel as part of one of Canada's oldest settlements. That meant incorporating traditional materials and approaches to benefit members of the community while also minimizing the environmental impact the hotel had on the scenic beauty around it -- there once was a halt in production for a month to find a nail supplier who followed basic labor and environmental laws.

The result of all this meticulous work is nothing short of breathtaking.

Photography by Alex Fradkin

The 29 guest suites feature floor-to-ceiling windows, giving travelers uninterrupted views of the Northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. If you're looking for some serene peace and quiet, you don't have to look much further than your room. Each is built to ensure that you only hear the sounds of nearby waves.

In addition, the hotel offers an art gallery curated by Fogo Island Arts and a library full of works related to Newfoundland to help guests get to know the area they're staying in. Other incredible amenities include a stunning dining room set with a top-rated restaurant, bar, lounge, and even wood-fired saunas and outdoor hot tubs.

Plus, you'll get the most jaw-dropping views of the night sky. For anyone who lives in a metropolitan area, this will be a real treat.

Photography by Alex Fradkin​

But more importantly, what Fogo Island Inn provides is the opportunity to explore. Once out and about, you can caribou watch, hike one of the of the many miles of picturesque trails (including Waterman Brook's Trail that ends at a waterfall), and wander amongst colorful homes that look straight out of a Wes Anderson film.

This is the sort of getaway perfect for someone willing to get off-the-grid and immerse themselves in the inner-workings of a town that's just as vibrant as the people who inhabit it.

But of course, if completely letting go of technology isn't for you, rest assured the location will make for an incredible Instagram (or three).

Photography by Alex Fradkin​

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