Sick of the office? Get a job that pays you to travel

They say if you love your job, you'll never work a day in your life. We say if you travel for work, you'll never have a boring commute a day in your life.

If the typical 9-to-5 isn't working for you, here are some options that will pay you to travel. No matter your current skill set, you can probably do it somewhere else.

Represent abroad

The State Department is actively hiring Foreign Service Officers, and it's probably easier than you think to become one. You'll have to take a lot of tests, but if you pass, you'll spend the next years of your life working around the world.

A Junior Foreign Service Officer starts at $71,000 a year.

Light up the country

If you're a music-loving travel fanatic, becoming a roadie is by far the best way to see the world. You can travel around the country, continent, or world — depending on the production for which you work.

Flamenco Vivo is looking for a lighting designer for its spring tour. The work starts in North Carolina, then moves on to "several states including New York, Maryland, and Florida." Pay is commensurate with experience.

Teach English in China

Teaching English as a Second Language abroad is one of the best ways deepen understanding of another culture.

There's no need to be a certified English teacher in order to go abroad — in this program in China, soon-to-be teacher go abroad to obtain their Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certifications.

A beginning teacher in China will earn $2,500 for working six months, plus room and board.

Sell art on the seas

A cruise ship is a floating village. Therefore, any job that you could have in a village you could (theoretically) have onboard a ship — even auctioneering.

Carnival is hiring an art auctioneer to work aboard a luxury cruise ship. The only qualifications necessary are a college degree and public speaking skills.

Going ... going ... sold.

Write the rails

Writers can reimagine themselves as rail-surfing Jack Kerouacs, crossing the country and writing from coast to coast on the Amtrak Writer's Residency.

The application process consists of two questions, as well as the opportunity to provide up to a 20-page writing sample. Amtrak will select 24 writers to participate in the program with the help from a panel of judges."

Although the project won't replace a full-time job, it's a fun opportunity for those that want to work on their art and travel at the same time. The application period for 2016 has closed, but applications will reopen in the fall.

See the worlds most popular travel destinations below:

Save lives in Florida

It's fairly easy to turn medical knowledge into a ticket around the world.

For those with nursing certification, Travel Nursing offers assignments around the world that last from eight to 26 weeks. There are currently positions available in Georgia, Florida and Tennessee. Housing and benefits are included in a travel nursing job.

Watch kids in Ibiza

Anyone with childcare experience can easily transition into becoming a globe-trotting nanny.

This listing on is seeking a nanny to start work in Brooklyn, travel to Ibiza, then up to Paris before the summer ends.

Travel is included, plus $4,000 a month.

Snapshot across the country

Photographers are in high demand across the world.

Travel photography is one option, but many events and festivals are desperately seeking freelance photographers. Apply to become a traveling dance photographer and get ready to travel around the country. Pay is $300/day, with all travel expenses included.

Conduct across the country

Travel by rail is considered by many to be the most romantic form of travel: You're never stuck in traffic, but you get to see the terrain of the land.

Amtrak and Union Pacific have openings for train conductors right now. Salary is $85,000 a year.

Dig around the world

For those with a degree in science, Geology is just about the best travel job you can get. The army is hiring a geologist — and travel is required.

Geologists spend a lot of their time in the field, visiting sites around the world. And while you may not see the most exciting parts of a city, you'll gain an understanding of how the world works in different places. Salary can be up t $98,000.

Kicking ourselves for not paying attention in that Earth Science class.

Make art in Mexico

The 360 Xochi Quetzal residency in Jalisco, Mexico is for visual artists, photographers, dancers, writers, new media makers and musicians over the age of 23.

The one-month winter residency includes room and board and a $1,000 peso stipend. Deadline to apply is Sept. 27.

Get fit on the road

Even people on vacation at all-inclusive resorts like to stay fit. Certified fitness instructors can turn this demand into free travel.

Fit Bodies' Guest Instructor program sends teachers to different resorts around the world. During downtime, instructors are free to enjoy everything the resort has to offer — which sounds like a dream gig.

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