OnlyOnAOL: 'Big Bang Theory' star Mayim Bialik's shocking confession

Kunal Nayyar Discusses "Yes, My Accent Is Real"
Kunal Nayyar Discusses "Yes, My Accent Is Real"


You could say that Mayim Bialik plays herself, or a version of herself, on the hit CBS series "The Big Bang Theory." Like Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler, she's a neuroscientist in real life, having earned her PhD at UCLA. And most recently, she's the winner of a Critics' Choice Award for her on-agan, off-again, stiltedly honest, always-ambivalent but ultimately sexual relationship with Sheldon (Jim Parsons) -- who had planned on proposing to her before she dumped him.

But all awards and nominations aside, "I'm very grateful to be an employed actor. It's a blessing to have this job. To play the female counterpart of such a beloved character, Sheldon, is great. Amy is a late bloomer and it's fun to play her. She says what's on her mind," says Bialik.

Like Amy, with Bialik, what you see is what you get. "What makes me feel less Hollywood is my lack of interest in fashion and appearance. I have no idea what looks right or hip. I don't care to. That's the last thing that's interesting to me," says the mom of two.

In fact, in a town where glam squads rule, get this: "I do my own nails. I have not gotten a manicure in maybe 20 years. I don't dye my hair. I don't wax my eyebrows. I'm an unlikely creature," says Bialik.

Actually, Bialik leaves the sartorial decisions to her stylist. She'd focused on her show.

"I didn't see coitus coming. That's something our writers threw at us. It's kind of like life. You don't know what's going to happen next," she says, of her romance with Sheldon.

As for which member of the cast can throw down the hardest? "Kunal (Nayyar) is the most likely to get up on the table and dance. I've been accused of being too much of a walking encyclopedia my whole life," says Bialik.

In reality, Bialik is a modern Orthodox Jew, which influences how she dresses on red carpets -- she's a multiple Emmy nominee, after all. Her stylist, Adena Rohatiner, admits that it's "somewhat of a challenge dressing her. She doesn't show her arms, so right above the elbow. She won't wear sleeveless or strapless. She'll wear an open neck but won't have her boobs popping out. She won't wear a super-high slit. She won't wear anything above the knee. Color is fair game."

So that means in cutout-loving Hollywood, where too much skin is never enough, Bialik is a standout.

"We'll approach a designer to make her something custom. Christian Siriano made her a dress for the 2015 SAG awards. Oliver Tolentino made this dress custom for the Critics Choice awards. I wanted her in color. Just something fresh and young and simple. He understands her body and her shape," says Rohatiner.