Not just yellow, you shouldn't eat any snow. Ever.

Not Just Yellow, You Shouldn't Eat Any Snow. Ever.
Not Just Yellow, You Shouldn't Eat Any Snow. Ever.

The rule when it comes to slurping down some snow has always been if it's yellow, the taste will make you bellow, but if it's not, hey, get after it like shrimp at the buffet.

But now a new study says we shouldn't even be doing that.

The study published in Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts is saying snow does a great job of collecting tiny pollution particles.

We're running out of things we can just step outside and start eating. We shouldn't really eat grass because it contains a chemical that would wear down your teeth. We gotta be careful about what apples we eat because God will kick us out of places, and now snow.

Recent severe weather from across the globe:

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