New York City could get a major snowstorm this weekend

Bitter Cold Grips East, Weekend Snowstorm Looms
Bitter Cold Grips East, Weekend Snowstorm Looms

The city got a taste of snow last weekend, but the winter weather seems to miss us already. Current forecasts show that if things turn out as meteorologists expect, the East Coast could get hammered by snow next weekend, and New York could get a lot of snow — anywhere from five inches to double digits.

The city has had a grand total of about half an inch of snow so far this year.

Boston and Washington, D.C., could also get massive amounts of snow.

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Since it's the middle of January, it's not terribly surprising that there could be winter weather on the way; if anything, it's only surprising that it's taken so long to get here.

Since there are four days until the potential storm begins, meteorologists are warning that things could change — but it seems pretty likely that we should be ready for the first nor'easter of the season.

The storm could reach New York anytime between Friday afternoon and early Saturday morning. Depending on where the system heads in the next few days, we could get a lot of snow, rain, sleet, or a wintry mix.

Before the storm, New York will be miserably cold and windy, as anyone who's been outside today surmised. On Monday, Mayor Bill de Blasio sent out a Code Blue warning, which sends the city off in search for those who have no place to go when it is terrifyingly cold outside — and reminds people to call 911 or 311 if they see someone who needs help.

On Wednesday and Thursday, temperatures might rise to the 30s. In other words, keep your hat with you at all times, and tell your winter boots and Netflix account to get ready for the weekend.

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