Neighbors react to disturbing discovery of child's body in attic

Maintenance Worker Makes Disturbing Discovery in Home's Attic

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) -- Neighbors are reacting after hearing about human remains discovered inside an attic at a duplex in Richmond. Multiple sources told CBS 6 that human remains of a child were found in the attic in a vacant apartment along the 4900 block of Chamberlayne Ave.

"It's real close vicinity to where I live," said neighbor Aaron Rainey. "It kind of disturbs you a little bit."

Richmond Police have not specified who the remains belong to, only that human remains were found at the location Saturday afternoon.

"They're actively investigating that one," said Richmond Police Chief Alfred Durham.

Photos of the house where the child's body was discovered:

House where child's body was found in attic
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Neighbors react to disturbing discovery of child's body in attic
Photo: WTVR
Photo: WTVR
Photo: WTVR

Sources tell CBS 6 the body was severely decomposed which police say is now at the Medical Examiner's office, waiting for a positive identification.

"If the place has been vacant and the person has been deceased for weeks or months, investigators want to know how long it has been vacant and what have people seen heard or smelled in that time frame," said Steve Neal, a former Chesterfield detective.

Sources also told CBS 6 that someone was in the process of moving into the upstairs apartment unit. The body was found by a maintenance man according to a source.

"Most likely the person last seen with that child will be the suspect police are looking for," said Neal.

Police have not commented on how they were tipped off to the discovery.

Detectives are asking anyone with any information on the case to either call Marshall Young at 804-317-6272 or Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000.

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