Man hands over heroin with money to McDonald's employee

Man Hands Over Drugs with Money to McDonald's Employee
Man Hands Over Drugs with Money to McDonald's Employee

Indiana police are saying a man recently paid for his McDonald's meal by handing over a bag of heroin to a drive-through worker with his money.

The McDonald's employee says he took money from the driver who appeared intoxicated. As he sorted the money handed over by the driver, he discovered a plastic baggie containing a "rock-like substance," according to UPI.

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Police believed the substance to be heroin and testing later confirmed this. Although the employee called the police after discovering the substance, they arrived after the driver left the scene.

LaPorte Metro police are currently reviewing surveillance footage in order to an identify the men in the car.

''It shows you how significant the problem is here that we're battling,'' LaPorte Metro Operations Coordinator Harlan Williams told the South Bend Tribune, adding that the substance was likely handed over by accident.

"All the counties in Indiana have their own vices...but here in LaPorte...heroin is still a big, big issue," LaPorte County Coroner John Sullivan said.

"It's our number one problem right now," Sullivan continued. "It trumps unemployment, it trumps all the political woes we're going through right now."

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