Hotel rooms, including fancy ones, found to be hotbeds for bacteria

Hotel Rooms, Including Fancy Ones, Found To Be Hotbeds For Bacteria

Travelers are often well aware of the dangers present in notoriously bacteria-laden environments such as airplanes and other transportation modes.

Based on a small study conducted by Travelmath, hotel rooms don't appear to be all that hygienic, either.

A team was sent to swab 9 different places of lodging to determine how many germs were lurking and where they were hanging out.

Sample analysis revealed that the rooms tested were, on average, dirtier than a home, a plane or a school.

Areas of particularly troublesome concentrations include bathroom vanities and remote controls.

Each came up with an average reading of colony-forming units per square inch in excess of 1.2 million.

Considering less frequent usage, desks fared a bit better, coming in at a bit over 600,000.

Phones produced a median result just in excess of 4,000.

Based on Travelmath's findings, staying in a fancier hotel won't make such issues go away.

In some cases, the hotbeds of bacteria habitation in 5-star accommodations were just as rife with germs, if not more so, than those in 3 and 4-star establishments.

On an up note, most of the problems can be remedied with a simple swipe of an antibacterial towelette.
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