Biggest dinosaur ever found lives in New York City

Biggest Dinosaur Ever Found Lives in New York City

The American Museum of Natural History is now home to the biggest dinosaur ever found.

Meet the Titanosaur, New York City's newest resident. Thanks to a farmer in Argentina who stumbled on some of it's massive bones, it's the biggest dinosaur that's been discovered to date. It's 122 feet long, and 20 feet tall. If its neck was positioned to look straight up it would be able to peer into a 5th story window.

Researchers think it weighed about 70 tons, so the bones on display are just replicas. The name Titanosaur is really just a place holder, until scientists officially name this newly discovered species.

These behemoths lived about 100 million years ago, looked a lot like lizards, and are actually believed to be herbivores.

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