Animal shelter finds dog with sliced ear, nose cut off

Oklahoma Animal Shelter Finds Dog With Nose Cut Off

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Hidden beneath a warm, friendly personality, the director of Oklahoma City's animal shelter suspects one of her newest intakes has a troubled past.

"There was certainly some sort of trauma," said Julie Bank, director of Oklahoma City Animal Welfare. "We don't know if that came from a person or from another animal, but clearly she wasn't well taken care of."

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Animal Welfare found Rudi on the 7500 block of NW 10th St., bloodied.

Her nose appeared to be cut off as was part of her ear. She walked with a limp and looked awfully thin. Though she is just seven months old, her teeth are in poor condition, evidence Oklahoma City's veterinarians say, of a poor diet.

Her nose injury doesn't affect her sense of smell or her eating habits, Bank said.

"It makes us feel really bad when we see an animal come in in this kind of condition because we want animals to be treated with respect and kindness and this one clearly hasn't been," said Bank. "But now that she's here we're promising that the rest of her life is going to be a good one."

Rudi isn't ready for adoption yet. First, she'll have to go through foster care until she is older and in better physical condition.

In the meantime, Bank hopes the public can help catch the person who may have injured this pit bull/terrier mix. Animal Welfare is trying a newer tactic to get justice for Rudi.

It's teaming up with Oklahoma City Crime Stoppers, a group that may be more visible in the community.

The animal shelter first joined forces with Crime Stoppers in August, after it found two dogs had been shot.

"If indeed this was a physical act of animal cruelty where somebody did this intentionally, it's somebody that should be caught," said Bank. "We want to do right by her."

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