A Cubs fan donated a kidney to a 5-year-old White Sox fan in need

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MLB Home Run Derby Champ's Adorable 21 Month Old Son Can Already Hit Bombs

In Chicago, the White Sox and Cubs divide a city. Either you're with your side, or you're against them -- and there's rarely time to sympathize with the opposition.

But, sometimes, the heated rivalry cools off long enough for some tremendous actions to take place, when there are important issues at stake than the game of baseball.

The Chicago Tribune's Redeye reported on the story of Drew Duszynski, a 5-year-old White Sox fan who was the beneficiary of a recent kidney transplant. The donor was Chris White -- a 35-year-old Cubs fan.

Duszynski was diagnosed with a kidney disease shortly after he was born, which has kept him from playing sports despite his love for the Sox. Upon hearing of Druszynski's condition -- and learning that he was of similar age to his own son -- White felt obligated to do something.

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Andry Fyre of Redeye spoke to White about the decision to help Drew out in a major way:

So when hearing about the opportunity to help someone else, in this case a child who was approximately the same age as his son, Jack, "it was for me a no-brainer," White said.

"I first met Drew at a Bulls game two weeks before Dec. 14, our op [surgery] date," White said. He observed Drew as "just a 5-year-old. Active and a little rambunctious, he was talking up the players and keeping tabs of the Bulls' score, every second."

Both Drew and Chris are recovering well after the procedure. It's always great to see fans at opposite ends of the spectrum band together when real-life matters become larger than sports.

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