3-month-old puppy abandoned and left to freeze in sub-zero temperatures rescued

Puppy Rescued After Being Left To Freeze In Sub-Zero Temperatures

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (Jan. 18, 2016) – Sub-zero temperatures are not safe for people or animals.

That's why animal welfare workers in Hamilton county are upset about a 3-month-old puppy abandoned and left to freeze Monday morning.

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The dog was dumped just outside the Hamilton County Humane Society.

The dog's name is Miri. She's still recovering from the near deadly drop off.

"This little girl was outside for 45 minutes in minus 4 degree weather, there are no words for that," said Hamilton County Humane Society spokesperson Jennifer Judd.

Jennifer says Miri was dumped over a fence around 7 o'clock in the morning.

An employee heard the dog calling for help 45 minutes later.

"She did have some signs of hypothermia and her paws were frozen. It took us two hours to get her temperature back to normal," said Judd.

Surveillance video shows the suspect drive through the parking lot.

In less than 2 minutes, they dump the pit bull off in the cold and drive away.

It's impossible to see the driver, but Jennifer says the shelter opens just one hour after the dog got abandoned.

She wants the person who dumped the dog held accountable.

"We'd be very curious why it was dumped outside at 6:59 Monday morning and the suspect did not wait an hour. It really was life or death for this little girl," said Judd.

Unfortunately, people ignoring the welfare of animals in cold weather isn't unique to Hamilton county.

In just the last week, Indianapolis Animal Care and Control says they've issued 24 violations for animals left out in the cold and impounded 25 dogs.

As for Miri, she also had a gash on her head. No one is sure how that happened.

See photos of Miri and her saviors:

Frozen puppy rescued
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3-month-old puppy abandoned and left to freeze in sub-zero temperatures rescued

Jennifer says they have had a lot of interest from people looking to adopt the young pit bull, so the dog will soon have a loving new home.

Jennifer just hopes the story serves as an important warning for animal owners everywhere.

"We encourage people that we are here for stray animals, but if you have to drop an animal off, have some common sense," said Judd.

The humane society hopes someone recognizes the car or the puppy so they can bring the person responsible for dropping her off to justice.

Anyone with information about the person who dumped her should contact the Noblesville Police Department 317-773-1300.

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