Woman files lawsuit after finding part of human face in car wash

Woman Files Lawsuit After Finding Part Of Human Face In Car Wash

WARNING: Graphic content below

Taking our vehicle to a car wash is typically not a traumatizing experience.

However, seeing a recognizable portion of a human face lying on the floor could quickly escalate the situation.

Kimberley Kriege alleges that is exactly what she encountered after pulling into a Livingston, Montana car wash in September of 2013.

Recently, she filed a lawsuit claiming emotional distress.

The suit is against the trucking company that employed David Welk, the driver convicted of a hit-and-run involving an elderly man who was walking along the side of a highway.

He fled the scene and left the body, which was later run over by other vehicles.

One of them was taken to Super Car Wash, resulting in the portion of face being left on the facility's floor.

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