Rare planetary alignment brings 5 worlds together

5 Planets Will Be Visible From Earth At The Same Time
5 Planets Will Be Visible From Earth At The Same Time

Get the telescopes ready: Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter are all about to be visible at the same time.

On Wednesday, Jan. 20, the five bright planets will be visible from Earth, and the showing will last about a month.

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Four of the five have already been visible in the early morning sky, but Mercury will join the group shortly, completing the five visible planet grouping.

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EarthSky reports people living in the mid-to-northern latitudes can see Mercury best about an hour and half before dawn. In the Southern Hemisphere, it's about two hours before sunrise. February 7 is expected to be the best day for viewing our solar system's closest planet to the sun.

If you're struggling to find the planets, try locating the Moon first. All five planets will align along the same path that the moon travels through in the sky.

The rare alignment will be the first time the planets have appeared together in the sky in 10 years, but The Conversation reports you won't have to wait another decade to see it happen again. The next five-planet showing will happen in August.

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