OnlyOnAOL: 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Rachel Bloom went boom last night

Rachel Bloom on Dressing for The Golden Globes
Rachel Bloom on Dressing for The Golden Globes


The crooner of the "Sexy Getting Ready Song" was a stunner on the red carpet at Sunday's Critics' Choice Awards -- despite her comedic expose of waxing and corset horrors. This time, she wore a slinky McQueen jumpsuit. And she took home the award for best actress in a comedy series, hot on the heels of her Golden Globes win for "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend."

We connected with Bloom's makeup artist Roxanne Saffaie to talk about Bloom, who is every bit as sweet in person as you might expect.

"She's so much fun and a complete pleasure, truly. She trusts me. She trusts her team. It's really easy. The McQueen jumpsuit was gorgeous and simple and classic. She has big, beautiful eyes. I like to play that up. I did this cat-eye look with eye-shadow. It was soft and edgy," says Roxy. "Glowing skin is a must."

Bloom is chill before a major event. "I don't read nervousness in her. She's just having fun. The actual process of getting her ready is fun and relaxed. There's definitely laughter," says Roxy. "It's a fun, simple process."

What makes Saffaie happiest: that Bloom is who she is, and people love her for it.

"She's really a sweetheart. She has such big energy. It's so authentic," says Roxy. "It's very real with her. She's being true to who she is. And she's being recognized and rewarded for that. She's not manufactured. She's operating from her heart."