Man stabbed and bitten after stirring someone else's chili

Man Stabbed and Bitten After Stirring Someone Else's Chili

The heat from a pot of chili didn't send one man to the hospital, but his act of stirring the pot, did -- and not in the causing tension sort of way.

An unidentified 30-year-old Detroit man took a trip to the hospital after he suffered bite and stab wounds from stirring another man's chili.

Police say quote, "the suspect didn't want the victim stirring his chili." And to add insult to the victim's non-life threatening injuries, it turns out he's a family friend! Detroit police say a 26-year-old man allegedly attacked the family acquaintance and his 35-year-old wife around 5 in the morning on the city's west side.

She wasn't taken to the hospital and it's unclear how she was injured.What is clear, is that there was a pot of chili on the stoveAt 5 a.m. The male victim stirred it, which the other dude didn't like, so he bit the victim and stabbed him in the thigh.

The victim then had to stumble outside and flag down police officers conducting traffic stops in the neighborhood.The suspect was placed under arrest, but his name has not been released pending charges.

He could take the heat, but one jealous chef wanted him out of the kitchen!

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