Inside the 'Silence of the Lambs' house that's still for sale

Why Owners of 'The Silence of the Lambs' House Are Trying to Sell It

The house that was once the set for one of the scariest films ever made – The Silence of the Lambsis up for sale.

Homeowners Barbara and Scott Lloyd own the house in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania where the movie's climactic scene was filmed. They realize its history might terrify some potential buyers.

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They assured buyers on INSIDE EDITION: "No serial killer here. We just want to sell our home."

The homeowners have put their home of 39 years up for sale because they are downsizing and they want to assure potential buyers there's nothing to be afraid of.

"It was just a movie. No ghosts. No serial killer. Nothing evil in the house," she said.

Real estate agent Dianne Wilk listed the house at just under $250,000. She says The Silence Of The Lambs connection shouldn't impact the sale.

"People are definitely not spooked. Most of the people that have been interested in the home love the home because it's a home and because it a charmer," Wilk said.

But so far -- no takers.

The exterior of the house, which was built in 1910, hasn't changed since the movie was released in 1991.

in the film's climax, FBI agent Clarice Starling, played by Jodi Foster, walks through the house searching for the serial killer known as Buffalo Bill. Filmmakers spent 10 weeks shooting there.

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Silence of the Lambs house
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Inside the 'Silence of the Lambs' house that's still for sale

The filmmakers had masterfully transformed the charming home into a house of horrors.

"They had all types of junk on the mantel and the china cupboard. To make it look like there was an old bachelor serial killer living in the home," Barbara said.

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All the kitchen appliances were removed and woodwork was painted an ugly shade of green.

"Just for posterity sake we left some of the green paint up here just to remember," Barbara admitted.

The basement is where the chilling confrontation between Starling and Buffalo Bill was filmed.

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