How to wear flared jeans

By: Colour Me Classic

Skinny jeans. You've seen them, worn them and are maybe a little sick of them? I've been wearing them non-stop for what seems like 8+ years?! It felt really nice to switch it up. I had a revived pep in my step. I even had a married couple leaving church give me an approving nod. haha

You wouldn't imagine this combo working very well. As were often told, pair something loose alongside a fitted piece. I had originally thrown on the usual skinny jeans and a sweater. Then I thought, it's not every Sunday you get to meet up with your gals and enjoy morning pastries. I've been hanging onto these jeans since high school. I knew I wanted to start wearing them again with the rise of the flares trend. A great way to remember to wear a piece you've been neglecting is to hang it front and center in your closet, giving you a little tap on the shoulder each time you pass by.

Here are my tips to wearing flared jeans:
  1. Add heels or a heeled boot. Flats don't often work unless you have the perfect pant length or you're willing to drag your jeans on the ground.
  2. Go for a pointed toe boot or pump.
  3. Dark colored shoes work best. Try to keep within the same color scheme as your pants. This will elongate the leg.
  4. Pick a classic piece of outerwear. I went for the trench because they never go out of style. A pea coat or cropped denim jacket would also do the trick.
  5. Go v-neck, crop top or button up. I've seen these 3 tops look stunning with a mean pair of flares.
  6. For your top, try classic stripes, your favorite white tee or an a layered open plaid button up.
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