Fashionistas are obsessed with this watch -- and you will be too

Daniel Wellington may be the younger sibling of the luxury watch industry, but the 6-year-old brand has seen a fast rise to fashion fame. It all started when founder Filip Tysander traveled across the globe and met an intruiging gentleman from the British Isles whose style felt relaxed yet still genteel. His name? Daniel Wellington.

Fast forward a few years later and this mysterious man has influenced one of the most sought-after watches in the fashion world. Now, everyone from fashion and beauty bloggers to off-duty models all have been pictured sporting the subtly sophisticated timepiece. And there's a good reason for it -- the minimalist trend is still going strong into 2016.

Not only do minimalist pieces practically work with every outfit, but they also won't go out of style; as a result, watches top the list on the most practical investment pieces. It's no surprise that so many fashionistas are obsessed with the styles. From rose gold accents to multi-colored straps, to even classic leather additions, the timepieces are a must for anyone who loves clean, sophisticated styles.

They designs really just boil down creations that are pretty and practical -- and it really doesn't get much better than that.

To see more snaps of fashionistas with their Daniel Wellington watches, scroll through the gallery below:

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