Donald Trump jokes Hillary Clinton sounds like a barking dog

Donald Trump Compares Hillary Clinton To A Screeching Dog
Donald Trump Compares Hillary Clinton To A Screeching Dog

A few hours after stumbling a bit through his speech at Liberty University, GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump put his foot in his mouth again at a campaign stop in New Hampshire.

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During the rally, Trump was interrupted by a screeching sound. Startled, Trump asked, "What was that, a dog?" A supporter responded, "Hillary!" Laughing at the joke, Trump played along.

Trump then extended the joke, saying, "First it was a screechy dog, then it was a very serious dog."

Monday's incident follows one in December where Trump used questionable wording in saying Clinton got "schlonged" in the 2008 presidential race, a word he insisted wasn't a vulgar insult.

Granted, it's getting harder to figure out where each new Trump insult and statement falls on the grand scale.

Reminder: There are still more than nine months to go until Election Day.